Make Yourself a BUTSUDAN

Here is a simple and easy-to-do model of a Butsudan. It requires no particular skills in carpentry.

Only Daimoku and patience!

Why make your own Butsudan?

Because you will have the satisfaction of having created it yourself and because it will be unique, with your finishing touches. Indeed, remember that this is the basic construction model, but that it will be up to you to paint or dye it, decorate it and add ornaments to it, and of course, one should not overlook the fact that making your own Butsudan is very economical. Be creative and enjoy yourself! 😉


Wood (dry white pine ¾ thick)
2 x (23 x 4 ½) A (sides)
2 x (15 x 4 ½) B (top and bottom)
1 x (15 ¾ x 3) C (upper front piece)
2 x (21 ½ x 7 7/8) D (doors)
Masonite 1 x (24 ½ x 15 ¾) (back)
4 hinges (1 ½ x ¾)
2 handles
Small finishing nails
1 small golden hook (to hang your Gohonzon)
Carpenter’s glue