In this moment I am living in Surrey (BC) Canada, please contact me, will be my pleasure to help you and give you a free quote. I provide assistance and technical support to either businesses or consumers that are experiencing technical, hardware or software issues. My knowledge in computer and electronic systems and software applications, can help to educate people, answer questions, troubleshoot any related problems about technology-based products and services. I am able to program in different programming languages and I am eager to learn and challenge myself.

Cyber Security Awareness Workshops

  • Managing your online Identity
  • Mobile Devices Security and Threats
  • Learn how to manage your Passwords & Password Good Practices
  • Media Sanitation “Clearing and Declassifying Electronic Data Storage Devices”
  • Basic of Internet Security
  • Prepare an incident response plan
  • Cyberbullying
  • Children and Online Exploitation

In this moment I provide free Workshops for Students of School districts in BC, you can contact me to know more on this free service.
Please contact me for a free quote.

Hardware Recycling

My RECYCLING service is free and it include the “Media Sanitation”.
I can pickup the materials (in this moment only in Surrey BC) or you can bring to me, please contact me.

Electronic and/or Software Refurbish

Do you have an old computer, laptop or router? Do you know that you can Refurbish them and give them another life? You can transform your old laptop in a File Server, your old computer can became a Firewall for all your family and protect you. You router can became more powerful and more secure. Let me help you!
Please contact me to know what I can do for you and give you a free quote.

Media Sanitation

I will clearing and declassifying electronic data storage devices. Would you like to be secure that nobody can steal your data that was storage on your media?

Repairs & Builds (Computer, Laptop, Workstation, Server)

On Site Support (Residential & Corporate)

Residential Support 50$ CAD/hrs. *
Corporate Support 75$ CAD/hrs. *
*plus Travel: 25$ CAD variable according to distance.

Backup Devices

Do you need a backup of your device? I can help and teach you how to regularly make backup of your data.

Virus Removal

I can clean your computer or laptop from Virus or malware for 80$ CAD.

Website Design & SEO

Software Development

WordPress help

Do you need help to hardening your WordPress or to help you to bring your ideas on it?
Please contact me for an appointment and a free quote.

Installing an OS

Installation or Re-installation of Windows: 80$ CAD.
Installation of Linux: 50$ CAD.


Cabling installation: 75$ CAD./hrs
Wifi setup & strengthening: 50$ CAD./hrs

Your Personal Cloud Server @Home

Would you like to have your Personal Cloud server at home?

With the following benefit:

  • Reduce cost of storing large amounts of data
  • Effectively scale capacity, manage privacy and performance
  • Access data from desktops, laptop or mobile devices from anywhere (inside and outside of your local network)
  • Move data between public cloud, your Cloud and your devices
  • Protect data from theft, loss or unintentional access